Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, NCAC I, BRI II, SAP
Certified Personal Development Coach & Recovery Life Coach, Substance Abuse Professional (WA State Licensed Addiction Counselor)

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Addiction Intervention Coaching - Tucson, Phoenix, or Arizona

(in-person, by telephone, or Skype)

 • Intervention Coaching (This is a lower cost approach to putting together the usual family
 intervention.) I meet or conference call with your family to talk them about the dos and don'ts
 of an intervention, educate about substance abuse and the steps to take to formulate a plan 
to move forward. Your family has the opportunity to talk about the idea of an intervention and 
what it will take. I coach your family long enough to process feelings and create a plan to 
follow through on the intervention.

• Typical Intervention - offered in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas - lead the 

intervention, much like a director setting up a play - there are scripts, letters, rehearsals, and

the actual intervention itself where, if all goes well, the loved one goes to treatment.

Post-Intervention Coaching - support your family after the actual intervention event.     

Some of the common challenges for families who intervene on substance abuse are 

processing the intervention event, learning the 'dos and don’ts of supporting the loved 

one in treatment, putting together self-care, good communication, having a family relapse   

prevention plan (setting new ground rules) and simply learninhow to trust the process.

Recovery Life Coaching (after treatment) - This focuses on helping clients create a 

long-term plan to stay in recovery, using coaching tools and techniques with built-in 


As a Board Registered Interventionist, Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor, 

and Certified Recovery Life Coach, I offer several ways to work with your family. I 

approaches alcohol, drug interventions from a holistic perspective treating the entire family 

unit as the client with mindfulness and compassion. 

I have developed my own intervention model, drawing from several factors - 
my early family history with addiction, intervention and recovery, my academic 
training in substance use disorders, myover 20 years experience 
orchestrating interventions, and my formal professional coach training. I have 
developed a more inclusive, client-driven coaching model for working with 
families who desire to create an intervention themselves or to hire her for a 
formal intervention. I have also created an educational 5-week course for 
families who are not quite ready to embark on an intervention, but need time to process their 
feelings and want Intervention Recovery Coaching.