Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, NCAC I, SAP, ERYT-200

Call or text: 520.465.7880 


About Me

My background makes me especially adept at Professional Life/Recovery Coaching.

Personal History: 
I have been in recovery from substance abuse since I was 25. I grew up in a toxic home riddled with addiction and mental illness. I have lost family 
members to drug abuseI encouraged my physician father, my spouse 
and my grown children into recovery from substance abuse. I learned to 
teach Hatha Yoga and meditation, and then taught for ten years in the treatment program where I was employed.

I have a MEd and a BA. I did coursework in Addiction Studies at Edmond
Community College and NW Indian College in WA State. graduated from Crossroads Coaching, and also completed an Arbinger Institute coaching program based on the book "Anatomy for Peace.” I also graduated from Fielding Graduate University's program in Evidenced Based Coaching 
for Personal Development. I took additional training in "Immunity To Change," a Harvarresearched-based program. 

Work Experience:
I rose to the top of my field while working as the Executive Director, 
Marketing Director, Internal Coach, and Family Intervention Coach for 
22 years in NGOs and community-based hospitals. I owned my own 
Seattle-based consulting and publishing firm for twelve years. 

Certifications & License
EBC (Evidenced Based Coaching) Fielding Graduate University

PCC (Professional Certified Coach) International Coach Federation  

NCAC I (National Certified Addiction Counselor I) NAADAC
SAP (Substance Abuse ProfessionalNAADAC-DOT
CDP (Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional) WA State            
ERYT 200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) Yoga Alliance            AYT (Certified Ananda Yoga® TeacherAnanda at the Expanding Light
SAP (Substance Abuse ProfessionalNAADAC-DOT
SAP (Substance Abuse ProfessionalNAADAC-DOT

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