Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, NCAC I, BRI II
Certified as a Personal Development Coach & Recovery Life Coach

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"Attract Your Perfect Coaching Client!"

Next class starts on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 9-11 am PST - 7 students max! 

We meet every other week. Cost is: $480, you can make payments! $80 deposit reserves your spot

In this 8-week - 16 hrs. over three (3) month) program, you will learn:

—Exactly what a 'success mindset' is and how to create it.

To write a simple, yet effective, marketing plan that works within your budget.

—To create your ‘signature program’ to attract your perfect clients for your niche.

—To engage clients to commit / sign your three-month coaching agreement-and beyond.

—How to create passive income.

Also - you will:

  • Stay connected for three months to other coaches for ideas and accountability.
  • Receive one individual coaching session from Rebecca. 


  1. Week one is about creating a personal vision statement for your practice.

  2. Week two is about creating the reasons your clients need your expertise.

  3. Week three is about developing your niche and why you need to do this.

  4. Week four is about discovering your sphere of influence, how to leverage it.

  5. Week five is about looking at marketing resources that work for your budget.

  6. Week six is designing your complimentary offer, selling your package, signing up clients.

  7. Week seven is about developing your own marketing plan, based on the above.

  8. Week eight is pulling it all together, time lines, and committing resources.

Comments from coaches who took the class:

—"I did not think I would learn anything new - boy was I wrong" (MP, Chicago, IL).

—"I love the way you are so present as a teacher; you give 150% of yourself" (CS, Ft. L, FL).

— "Marketing for Success really helped me to understand what it will really take to make my 

recovery coaching vision a reality. 8-weeks of focused 'small steps' and at the end of it I have a personal [tailored for my coaching business] Marketing Plan that I am putting into action. Rebecca's own success with her coaching practice makes for a real time training ground. A truly enriching experience, this class made me believe that I can be successful. Thanks again for teaching 

me what you know!  Marggie Paris, Crosby Coaching, LLC. 

I use 'Join-Me' an online desk-sharing teleconference program for each class.

I use 'JoinMe' an online desk-sharing, teleconference program for each class.
I use 'JoinMe' an online desk-sharing, teleconference program for each class.

About the Instructor - Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC

For 15 years Rebecca Smith was a successful Marketing Director, and Internal Executive Coach for a NGO. She created a ‘signature program’ for her employer which literally turned a three-year failing treatment program around and made it millions. For seven years, Rebecca had a marketing consulting firm in Seattle, which published Touchstone Newsletter and had a national subscriber base of 40,000. In 2010, after five years of internal coaching, she stepped away from her job to became a professional coach. She is a Certified Coach through Fielding Graduate University, Crossroads Coaching and International Coach Federation. And she is a licensed Chemical Dependency Professional through WA State and a Certified Addiction Counselor through NAADAC. 

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